Little Oscar is just to the left giving his mommy a kiss on the cheek...liked her expression..(make-up by Gaby):)


We made a this video of Ally at 3 months....she's getting so big, so fast.

Level Indication

Some things inside Hoover Dam seemed well...a little dated, but then again, they don't make em' like they used to.

Funny Faces

Tino at the Children's Musuem in Phoenix having a little fun:)

Father and Son

Oscar Jr. doesn't like to be in front of the camera much, so we had to take this one with him and his Dad for a nice father/son pic:)

Winged Figures

Here's another one from our trip out west. These art-deco style statues were built by Oskar J.W. Hansen at Hoover Dam. The bases for them were set on large blocks of ice and set in place as they melted...pretty cool:) More info here.


Bathtime for Itsy!


We couldn't leave Hoover Dam without getting a shot of the generators.

Proud Primo

Jeremiahs spending some quality time with his new cuz:)

Ally's Room

Thanks to her Mommy and her creative ideas, we were able to put together a beautiful space for Ally:)

Bear Down

This one is gonna probably be a screensaver for a while...GO BEARS!

Lake View

Celebrated Pop's birthday in August with a trip to the city for a couple of boat rides. This shot is off the back of the first one looking back towards Buckingham Fountain.

Lowrider Times

Recently, I found some inspiration from here and here to finish this up. I got some funny looks from the neighbors while setting up some of these shots. It took me a little longer than planned to finish, and was a lot more work than I thought. This video was made for smaller screens like the iphone/touch, but hopefully I can get a chance to make some more like this in true 720p hi def in the future.

Got Seeds?

Some things are just better left as mother nature intended. This watermelon was a good ol' fashioned "seeded" version, and I would have to say it was better than any "seedless" one I've ever tasted:)

Pedal Pushers

We caught these two bikers at just the right moment for a nice skyline/soldier field backdrop.

Lakefront Sculpture

Chicago's Museum Campus is full of interesting's one taken against a perfect summer blue sky.

Summer Sails

We saw this boat while strolling behind Adler Planetarium...wish it would have been a little closer, but I like how it looks a bit mysterious in the distance.

N. American O-47B

While at the National Museum of the U.S. Airforce a couple months back we grabbed this shot of a North American O-47B. It was hard to miss with every light in the place shining off of it:)

Desert View Watchtower

The Desert View Watchtower at the Grand Canyon had plenty of Native American artwork to be seen on its interior. This picture shows a view from the bottom all the way up to the underside of the observation deck.

Who you lookin' at?

Here's a pic of my cousin's baby girl.....look at those beautiful brown eyes:)

Copa Mudial 2010

Well, another World Cup is in the books. Tino stood in to pose and honor Mexico for givin' em' a good run.

Fun on the 4th

The kids enjoyed a couple of hot days in the water this holiday weekend. Just watching them on this water slide gave me a few good laughs:)

Barbie Girls

We took the boys to the Children's Museum in Indy...but...well...girls just want to have fun:)

On Track

Another pic from a field trip with the kiddos....a train set suspended from the ceiling.

Glass Art

I always had a thing for stained glass and glass artwork in general. I guess its because of all the colors, shapes, and textures glass can be transformed into. In this picture there was a clear glass ceiling with the glass artwork resting atop it. A skylight above it all helped to finish it off and create the colorful glow.

Big Dreams

Miller Park is a pretty big stadium and as we were walking in I caught Tino looking up one of the outside walls. I like to think he was imagining himself playing baseball in there one day himself.

Liberty Statue

We figured this shot of the Liberty statue on top of the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Indy would be an appropriate post for Memorial Day.


Here's one Gaby took of Tino tryin' to make it across to help his Grandfather in the back yard. I thought the reflections of both of them in the water were pretty cool.

Surfs Up

Here's one of my sister body surfin' the peak of a nice wave in Puerto Vallarta a while back. This one was cropped and made to look like a polaroid...still makes me laugh a little every time I see it.

Liquid Gold

Wifey hooked me up with a Cinco de Mayo variety case from Costco. It looked so good in the fridge that I had to snap this shot. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Cinco!


We actually took this one on black and white I kinda miss actually being able to physically hold a real photo;)

Graduation Exhibit

Outside view of IUN's Gallery for Contemporary Art....

Gaby discussing the silkscreening process to her brother Jose....

A writer from the IUN newsletter The Phoenix calls Gaby's work "instantly appealing", and a design reminiscent of vintage 60's paperbacks. Well, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel now...only a few more weeks till graduation. Congratulations on all your hard work babe we are so proud:)

Next year's here...

This one is a little late...I wanted to post this Monday for the Cubs home opener. Took this one with a point and shoot so the quality is not great, so I rolled with it and gave it a raw and gritty look.

Jaguar Throne

There's a few pics from our trip to Chichen Itza I'm still trying to get's one of them. According to what we read, this is a throne in the form of a jaguar (a deity of the Mayan people), presumably made for a Mayan ruler.

Where's the fire?

We took the boys to the new children's center in Lake Station recently and they had a few outfits there for the kids to try on. We found one that fit Oscar pretty good and it wasn't hard to get him to pose for a few shots:)

Easter Colors

Easter is right around the corner and this pic seemed to have the whole Easter theme goin' on so I figured it'd be a good post. This one's taken from the inside of Gaby's grandparents home in Mexico.


The "Ironman" movie was one of Tino's faves when it came out, so I made this for him and we used it for a screensaver for quite a while. By the way, he's pretty excited about "Ironman 2" which comes out May can check out the trailers for it here.

2010 Senior Exhibition

Congratulations to my wifey after 4 determined years of studying and creativity, as her final semester comes to a close. Family and friends are invited to see a portion of Gaby's silkscreen work that will be on display for her graduation exhibit starting March 29th thru April 10th, with the reception on April 9th from 5-7 p.m. at IUN's gallery for contemporary art located in the Savannah Center.


From what I remember I was just trying to catch the dogs on the rooftop (there's something you don't see everyday) when I took this shot. Luckily, as soon as I took the picture a little boy walked out framing himself perfectly in the doorway. This one was taken in Gaby's hometown of Tangancicuaro or "Tangas" for short.


We took the kids to the Chicago Auto Show a few weeks ago and were fairly disappointed. None of the cars we wanted to see were there, including GM's Corvette Stingray Concept from the latest Transformers movie. Oh well, here's a pic we took of the Camaro from a few years ago...yeah...pretty much old news now, but I still look when I see one cruizin' down the street.

Birthday Wishes

Here's a recent one from Tino's party at the bowling alley just before blowing out the candles. Thanks again to all the family and friends who came out. Personally, the whole birthday party at the bowling alley thingy worked out much better than anything we ever did at old Chucky Cheese:)

"Jalisco's Finest"

Thought this might be a good one for today, after all it is my birthday and Mexico's Flag day (insert "grito" here). It's nice having a Tio who's a tequilero...more info here. Well, I'll keep this one short...kinda busy as you can see;)

Miller Park

This photo of me and Tino was shot by my sister Adriana at Miller Park. One of my favorite things about this picture is its deception. The angle at which she took the photo creates the illusion we were in a field full of grass and trees. This was definitely not the case, as we were standing in the parking lot surrounded by long stretches of concrete and asphalt with buildings scattered along the horizon. She even managed to frame what were probably the only trees in a 1 mile radius;)

"De Colores"

The McCormick Place in Chicago is probably not the first place you think about when looking for some interesting art pieces. However, it's a little known home to quite a few, which you can find out more about by clicking here. For example, this blown glass chandelier in the lower image was made by an artist by the name of Dale Chihuly. Luckily for us, we were able to walk directly underneath it to capture a more unusual perspective of this immense piece. The brilliant color, along with the texture and curvature of the glass were part of what inspired Gaby to use this photo to create her silkscreen entitled "De Colores" in the top image.

"Padre Nuestro"

Gaby was given this crucifix, a family heirloom, when she moved out and it's been on our bedroom wall ever since we moved into our home. We had this shot in mind for a while now, but decided to take the time to actually go through with it just recently. I'd be lying if I said the recent tragedy in Haiti didn't have anything to do with it. At times it's easy to become lost in our own little world and we can all tend to forget how blessed we are. This photograph was meant to help us keep things in perspective.

Horseshoe Bend

Our goal at most of the places we visit is to come away with at least one picture we'd like to see on a gallery wall, or at least a wall in our home. I would say this one least for the wall in our home part:) This is "horseshoe bend", about a quarter mile walk off the main road just outside Page, Arizona. "Jawdropping" is an understatement when walking to the edge of this natural work of art, and when I say edge, I.... mean... EDGE! There are no safety guards or rails here which, in my opinion, makes the experience that much better. Gaby was taking no part in this shot after she heard me, over the 40 m.p.h. wind gusts, talking to myself about what I was going to have to do to get it! Needless to say, I have a newfound respect for landscape photographers. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see some guy's tent at the bottom third of the photo, just left of center, to get an idea of just how deep the canyon walls are. Our short video below tries to give you an idea of what it was like....emphasis on the word "tries".

Birthday Boy

The day Gaby and I took these shots of Tino was one of those days I realized just how big he was getting. Sometimes it seems like he can grow an inch overnight. It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to sit for these, but we came out with some nice ones (including the inset where he told me his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much). So have a happy birthday Mijo from me and your mommy, and try not to grow up too fast:)


I wasn't expecting to see such a dramatic scene as we stepped into the Museum of Science and Industry's U-505 exhibit. This is one of the first views you get when you walk into the football field sized exhibit room. The sub seemed pretty menacing at this angle so I figured it would make a good photo. Since the sub has been refurbished and moved inside, it has a whole different feel than what I remembered in grade school as we looked out the window to what looked like a big heap of rust. If you haven't seen it since then, its definitely worth the drive out to see it now!


We are big Chicago Bears fans in this family, so a piece like this was probably inevitable. We're still trying to recover from a season of disappointment. On the bright side...see ya Ron Turner! The photo at the bottom was taken by Gaby while attending a game for the 08'/09' season at Soldier Field which inspired the piece above it. The colors, architectural interest, and composition of this piece landed it 3rd place in an IUN gallery art contest.

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