Birthday Boy

The day Gaby and I took these shots of Tino was one of those days I realized just how big he was getting. Sometimes it seems like he can grow an inch overnight. It was like pulling teeth trying to get him to sit for these, but we came out with some nice ones (including the inset where he told me his cheeks were hurting from smiling so much). So have a happy birthday Mijo from me and your mommy, and try not to grow up too fast:)


I wasn't expecting to see such a dramatic scene as we stepped into the Museum of Science and Industry's U-505 exhibit. This is one of the first views you get when you walk into the football field sized exhibit room. The sub seemed pretty menacing at this angle so I figured it would make a good photo. Since the sub has been refurbished and moved inside, it has a whole different feel than what I remembered in grade school as we looked out the window to what looked like a big heap of rust. If you haven't seen it since then, its definitely worth the drive out to see it now!


We are big Chicago Bears fans in this family, so a piece like this was probably inevitable. We're still trying to recover from a season of disappointment. On the bright side...see ya Ron Turner! The photo at the bottom was taken by Gaby while attending a game for the 08'/09' season at Soldier Field which inspired the piece above it. The colors, architectural interest, and composition of this piece landed it 3rd place in an IUN gallery art contest.

Folklorico Dancers

While in Ixtapa a while back these folklorico dancers were holding candles while dancing, so I tried something different and left the shutter open for a bit. It made for a pretty cool effect, and after a few cocktails, this pic visually shows pretty much how I was feeling that night:)

"Happy Summertime"

I thought this picture would be appropriate to try and warm up what will probably be one of the coldest weeks of the year. I wish old man winter would catch the swine flu and die already:) I took this wonderfully warm looking picture at the beach in Shaboygan, Wisconsin, of my nephew Jeremiahs. It's nice to look at pictures like this and remember how little it used to take to make us happy... a little sun...a popsicle...and the beach...good day.

"Droptop Heaven"

Ah yes, the 1961 Chevrolet Impala convertible, probably one of the most famous models in Chevy's old school lineup. I took this shot in Denver a few years ago at a Lowrider magazine car show on a beautiful summer Sunday afternoon. This one goes out to my cousin who actually owned one, but it probably would have cost him a cool $40K to make it look this good. Good luck on trying to find the next one cuz!

Hernandezphotoart launch

Hello and welcome to our little part of cyberspace in the form of our you get the idea. Our idea initially was to archive some of our work in a portfolio on the web for safekeeping. Well, we just couldn't leave well enough alone, and now it has also become a place to talk about anything "art" while still keeping it somewhat of an online scrapbook for our family and friends. We might get a little heavy from time to time on the photography side since its our favorite, but we'll try to spread it out. We hope you enjoy a bit of what we've started to put together and we hope you will save us to your faves, or better yet, follow us on twitter or facebook. We'll be updating both of them when a new post is up. So thanks for taking some time to visit us and tapping into your artsy side, come on...we all know you've got one:)

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"The creative adult is the child that survived." -U. LeGuin