The "Ironman" movie was one of Tino's faves when it came out, so I made this for him and we used it for a screensaver for quite a while. By the way, he's pretty excited about "Ironman 2" which comes out May can check out the trailers for it here.

2010 Senior Exhibition

Congratulations to my wifey after 4 determined years of studying and creativity, as her final semester comes to a close. Family and friends are invited to see a portion of Gaby's silkscreen work that will be on display for her graduation exhibit starting March 29th thru April 10th, with the reception on April 9th from 5-7 p.m. at IUN's gallery for contemporary art located in the Savannah Center.


From what I remember I was just trying to catch the dogs on the rooftop (there's something you don't see everyday) when I took this shot. Luckily, as soon as I took the picture a little boy walked out framing himself perfectly in the doorway. This one was taken in Gaby's hometown of Tangancicuaro or "Tangas" for short.


We took the kids to the Chicago Auto Show a few weeks ago and were fairly disappointed. None of the cars we wanted to see were there, including GM's Corvette Stingray Concept from the latest Transformers movie. Oh well, here's a pic we took of the Camaro from a few years ago...yeah...pretty much old news now, but I still look when I see one cruizin' down the street.

Birthday Wishes

Here's a recent one from Tino's party at the bowling alley just before blowing out the candles. Thanks again to all the family and friends who came out. Personally, the whole birthday party at the bowling alley thingy worked out much better than anything we ever did at old Chucky Cheese:)

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"The creative adult is the child that survived." -U. LeGuin