We actually took this one on black and white I kinda miss actually being able to physically hold a real photo;)

Graduation Exhibit

Outside view of IUN's Gallery for Contemporary Art....

Gaby discussing the silkscreening process to her brother Jose....

A writer from the IUN newsletter The Phoenix calls Gaby's work "instantly appealing", and a design reminiscent of vintage 60's paperbacks. Well, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel now...only a few more weeks till graduation. Congratulations on all your hard work babe we are so proud:)

Next year's here...

This one is a little late...I wanted to post this Monday for the Cubs home opener. Took this one with a point and shoot so the quality is not great, so I rolled with it and gave it a raw and gritty look.

Jaguar Throne

There's a few pics from our trip to Chichen Itza I'm still trying to get's one of them. According to what we read, this is a throne in the form of a jaguar (a deity of the Mayan people), presumably made for a Mayan ruler.

Where's the fire?

We took the boys to the new children's center in Lake Station recently and they had a few outfits there for the kids to try on. We found one that fit Oscar pretty good and it wasn't hard to get him to pose for a few shots:)

Easter Colors

Easter is right around the corner and this pic seemed to have the whole Easter theme goin' on so I figured it'd be a good post. This one's taken from the inside of Gaby's grandparents home in Mexico.

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