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Hello and welcome to our little part of cyberspace in the form of our web...blog...thingy...er..well you get the idea. Our idea initially was to archive some of our work in a portfolio on the web for safekeeping. Well, we just couldn't leave well enough alone, and now it has also become a place to talk about anything "art" while still keeping it somewhat of an online scrapbook for our family and friends. We might get a little heavy from time to time on the photography side since its our favorite, but we'll try to spread it out. We hope you enjoy a bit of what we've started to put together and we hope you will save us to your faves, or better yet, follow us on twitter or facebook. We'll be updating both of them when a new post is up. So thanks for taking some time to visit us and tapping into your artsy side, come on...we all know you've got one:)


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If you are interested in or have any questions about the photography/artwork shown, please feel free to contact us at jxhern2@yahoo.com for more information.


"The creative adult is the child that survived." -U. LeGuin